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Sub-Zero Temps To Slim, Contour, & Define

As we age the natural elasticity in our skin begins to decline.

Cellulite starts to creep in.

Pockets of fat are harder to get rid of, no matter what you try. 

Now, there is a solution that will finally let you SEE the results you've been working for. 

At Bodylicious we offer non-invasive Cryo treatments that eliminate excess fat cells, helping you lose inches while smoothing and toning your skin.  

We offer single sessions as well as packages.

Schedule a consultation to find out which treatments are right for you. 

Schedule your complimentary consultation to determine which treatments are right for you. 



At Bodylicious you will receive exceptional, spa quality service from knowledgeable technicians that care.  

We are committed to your success.  We will track your measurements and log your photos so you can finally see the results you've been working so hard to achieve. 


Schedule your complimentary consultation and let us help you chill, sculpt and shine!

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