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Welcome to Bodylicious! We are your local HQ for wellness, fun, and empowerment in Austin, TX!

Our spa is all about tailored treatments that make you feel your brightest. From facials that firm skin and reduce wrinkles to sessions that tone and slim, our team is here to make your wellness journey feel like a day out with your bestie. We have relaxing spa vibes, services tailored to your needs, and a team that's all about your comfort and glow-up goals. We are a whole vibe for a whole-body glow-up and feel-good moments.

Ready to vibe with us? Book your spot today and let's embark on a wellness journey that's all about you at Bodylicious.

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You're not alone in feeling like you're stuck in a rut with your wellness routine. 

But don't worry, babe—we’ve got your back(side). 

Our cutting-edge tech is designed to tackle cellulite, stubborn fat, and loose skin that diet and exercise just haven't been able to take care of.

Join us on the journey to a healthier, more confident you! 

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Happy Woman
Carissa Jean - 44

Lost 4 inches after 2 CryoSlimming treatments. 

"I have tried everything under the sun for inch loss and absolutely nothing has worked.  Finally, I came to Bodylicious, and lost 2 inches after my very first treatment!"
Natural Beauty

The time has come

It's time to feel like the boss you are and be the best version of yourself!

You can keep searching for solutions that are just *meh*, or let us show you how to slay with our Bodylicious program.


Your call! 

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